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Катамаран Weekender

WEEKENDER motor catamaran - ideal choice for water-based recreation

Weekender catamaran is characterized by small draft, large deck space area, excellent stability minimizing discomfort from impacts on wave. Use of state-of-the-art composite materials makes the hull very durable and unconventional design attracts attention.

Catamaran's overall dimensions allow to transport it independently via public roads without special permission and escort.

Deck space area is comparable with 7-8 meters long motor boat area. Despite of small boat size five persons may be accommodated on shipboard with comfort. Lockers provide a lot of space for luggage and deck place allows to locate a portable refrigerator with food and drinks. Special nonskid coating allows for comfortable and safe movement even on a wet deck.

Small draft and relatively small hull weight allows to easily get over shallow areas and rush bank. Boat design allows to come practically to any shore without obstruction and cast off easily.

Catamaran's unsinkability is ensured by four independent watertight compartments in
floats reinforced with special aluminium profile along the keel which preserves from possible underwater obstacles impacts and allows the boat to come to any shores safely.
Catamaran design ensures longitudinal and transverse stability and reduces pitching and rolling motion to minimum. Hull impacts on water when moving across the wave are almost not perceived.

Weekender performance specification

Hull length 5,75 m
Hull width 2,5 m
Hull draft 0,35 m
Weight of complete boat with outboard motor 1065 kg
Motor power max. 115 hp.
Fuel margin 135 l
Cruising speed 18 knots
Passenger capacity 5 persons
Navigation area Complexity category IV grade III

Basic configuration


  • Hull
  • Aluminium transom
  • 5 transport eye rings
  • Nonskid marine
    deck coating Marideck
  • Transport cover
  • Guard railing along sides perimeter
  • Special wide
    fender guard along boat perimeter
  • 4 mooring cleats


  • Upholstered captain's chair
  • 4 lockers-couches with upholstered seats
  • 3 upholstered locker seats

Electronics and control

  • Instruments on control panel: tachometer, speedometer, voltmeter, fuel level indicator, trim gauge, hourmeter
  • Audiopreparation with two weatherproof speakers
  • Running lights
  • Parking lamp
  • Illumination of the cockpit
  • Steering wheel
  • The hydraulic line of the steering control
  • The socket on 12 Volt - 3pcs.
  • Switch mass

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