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Речной трамвай
Катамаран Речной трамвай

Aqua Tram motor catamaran

This catamaran model is characterized by spacious cabin for 12 seats and intended for water journeys, excursions and using as taxi.

Open bow deck with a ladder for convenient coming out to the shore, cabin with protective awning equipped with folding windows.
Presence of latrine (toilet) and mini-galley (kitchen) allows to organize journeys and excursions with comfort. Seat places represents spacious lockers with upholstered cover-seats, which are also used to store life saving equipment and various luggage.

Technical specifications of Rechnoy Tramvay

Hull length 8,8 m
Hull width 3 m
Hull draft 0,4 m
Weight of complete boat with outboard motor 1765 kg
Motor power max. 115 hp.
Fuel margin 680 l
Cruising speed 11 knots
Passenger capacity 12 persons
Navigation area Complexity category IV grade III

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