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Fiesta 5.0
Катер прогулочный универсальный Fiesta 5.0

Fiesta 5.0 multi-purpose pleasure motorboat

• Application of advanced technologies, materials and components has allowed to create a boat with optimum weight, unique hull configuration, maximum strength and reliability.
• Optimum combination of seaworthiness, stability, dynamics and comfort ensure
your safety on water and usage pleasure both during fishing and hunting, and during journeys.

Motor boat, intended to accommodate five passengers, is characterized by high finishing quality and excellent
ergonomics. Boat perfectly sails across the wave due to its hull configuration, it has a wave-shearing bow and
almost flat bottom, high stability and increased level of safety. Hydraulic motor turning control ensures easy boat control and excellent manoeuvrability.

A lot of lockers and compartments, located along the whole boat length, allows you to take everything you need.

High quality of materials, used for cockpit finishing and awnings fabrication, attention to
details and colour range selection make Fiesta 5.0 boat very stylish and memorizable.

Fiesta 5.0 performance specification

Hull material glass-fibre plastic
Length, (m) 5.05
Width, (m) 1.95
Hull draft, (m) 0.35
Navigation area complexity category IV grade III
Transom height, (mm) 508
Deadrise angle on transom, (degrees) 14°
Built-in fuel tank capacity, (l) 135
Recommended engine power, (hp) 40 – 90
Passenger capacity, (persons.) 5
Additional cargo, (kg) 125
Weight of complete boat with outboard motor, (kg) 870

Basic configuration


  • Hull assembly
  • 2 consoles
    (for driver and passenger seating at the front)
  • Windshield with hatch
    for passage to the bow part
  • Fender guard along boat perimeter
  • 6 mooring fittings
  • Guard railing
  • Transport eye rings
  • Inspection holes
  • Scuppers


  • Upholstered adjustable chairs for driver and passenger seating at the front
  • Three-seated passenger couch in cockpit rear part
  • Upholstered inside board perimeter
  • Upholstered lockers and cockpit front part
  • Lockers in front and rear parts of cockpit
  • Lockers on decks - 3pcs.

Electronics and control

  • Navigation lights
    (two on-board and one on stern)
  • Steering control
  • 12 V sockets - 2 pcs.
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Fuse block
  • Electric equipment control buttons
    - 4 pcs.
  • Bilge pump
  • Electric horn
  • Cockpit lower part lighting
  • Fuel tank for 135 l.
  • Built-in filler neck

Optional equipment

  • Outboard motor(up to 90 hp)
  • Gas and reverse control
  • Hydraulic steering control
  • Starter accumulator battery
  • Navigation awning set with arcs and fittings
  • Removable mats in cockpit
  • Awning for transportation and storage
  • Fathometer/map plotter/navigator
  • Easy-removable table with glass holders
  • Instrumentation set:
    tachometer, speedometer, voltmeter, fuel level gauge,
    trim gauge, hour meter
  • Audio system in marine version
  • Watertight audio system cover
  • Acoustic system in marine version
  • Stainless steel bow (stem) protection
  • Polyurethane keel protection
  • Electric-driven anchor winch
  • Anchor
  • Park light
  • Siren
  • Trailer

Special design and technological solutions applied for SHUPER boats production

In order to improve navigation characteristics, stability, steerability, safety and seaworthiness in general, special and unique hull geometry is developed, adapted for operation both in shallow water and in open water.
Boat hulls are made from high-strength structural glass composite using proprietary binding agent having high impact toughness, strength and endurance.

Reinforcement diagram is developed on the base of strength calculation with double and, in some components, with fivefold strength margin.

Only proprietary high-quality resins and gelcoats are used in boats manufacturing.
Wall thickness of the hull lower part is 8 mm throughout the hull!

Frames and stringers are equipped with rubber-polymer pads ensuring soft and noiseless hull parts contact.

All hull and deck parts are moulded from high-strength structural glass composite.
Floatability (unsinkability) modules are made not from polystyrene foam (foamed plastic) pieces, but moulded from special Swiss Lloyd certified foam material with minimum 5% water absorption.
At that, double reserve of floatability is provided, on the basis of maximum possible boat design load.
Floatability modules also serve as sound insulation and lower small hull vibrations ensuring comfortable smooth movement across the ripple and wave.

Built-in fuel tank (135 l) is located practically in the middle for boat balancing optimization.
Only professional-grade stainless marine-type fasteners, materials and electric accessories are used for boats assembly .
Boats are equipped with bilge pump operating both in automatic mode (in case of water collection in the bilge in the amount of over 12 litres) and at forced switching-on from control panel.

Only certified highest quality instrumentation and components are used for boats equipment.
Decks and cockpit are equipped with special nonskid coating, stationary fastened or removable mats.
Keel is protected with special shockproof and wear-resistant polyurethane shield.
Stem is reinforced and protected with stainless steel shield.
All manholes are mde in dry execution.
All covers, awnings and other apparel are manufactured at the SHUPER factory, which ensures their highest quality and optimal fitting.

Production of SHUPER motor catamarans, electric E-Motion boats and crafts.
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