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Катамаран Explorer

EXPLORER catamaran - your comfortable and unforgettable voyage

Optimal choice for those who want to make their vacationi unforgettable:
go on a romantic voyage or organize a small party on water.
Good control panel ergonomics and large fuel margin allow to perform long-term trips without effort.
Catamaran is equipped with Hi-Fi audio system, mini-galley, toilet and other necessary components. In terms of the deck area sized, the catamaran can be compared with a motor yacht with 12 meters of length.
Materials and components from word's leading manufacturers are used in boat production and finishing.

Safety, comfort and speed are the main features considered during the production of this motor catamaran.

Small catamaran draft allows it to sail in shallow water and coastal zone without obstruction , pull in to unimproved shore (pebble, stone, sand) and not to be afraid of random obstacles on water and under water.
Catamaran overall dimensions (8.0х2.5 m) allow to transport it via public roads without special permission and escort.

Catamaran floats are made from high-strength lightweight composite and divided into compartments. Even if two compartments are damaged, the boat retains floatability and is able to come up to the shore under it's own power. Hull keel part is protected with special aluminium profile. Similar to other "SHUPER" catamarans, "Explorer" differs from single-hull analogues by increased stability and stable motion across the wave.

Explorer performance specification

Hull length 8 m
Hull width 2,5 m
Hull draft 0,5 m
Weight of complete boat with outboard motor 2050 kg
Motor power max. 2x150 hp.
Fuel margin 680 l
Cruising speed 28 knots
Passenger capacity 9 persons
Navigation area Complexity category IV grade III

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