The «Company ASTER» LLC («SHUPER» trademark) is a producer of motor catamarans, electric boats, crafts, floating houses and complexes

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About company

Водная техника «SHUPER» производится в России с 2011 года.

Модельный ряд компании включает:

  • моторные катамараны-двухкорпусные суда для охоты и рыбалки, для семейных прогулок по воде, а также суда для коммерческого использования;
  • катера для профессиональной рыбалки и комфортного отдыха на воде;
  • моторные бензиновые и электрические лодки;
  • плавучие комплексы и дома.

Девиз компании «SHUPER» - Комфорт и безопасность!

Производство катамарановThe concept of SHUPER water equipment, which is behind the engineering developments of the company, provides its high stability, excellent running characteristics and convenience of positioning of passengers on board.
Разработкой водной технини SHUPER занимаются квалифицированные инженеры

The SHUPER Company attracts the leading European and Russian specialists and experts to development of perspective models of water equipment.
Constructions of electric boats are developed by the German experts.

The concept of professional fishing cutters is developed and implemented under the leadership of experts of Club of fishing travel of Alexey Chernushenko.

Innovative motor catamarans, leisure crafts and unique floating houses and complexes – it is a child of huge work of the engineers of the SHUPER, who have passed in due time the strict school of the Soviet Defence industry.
Продукция SHUPER изготавливается в России по самым современным технологиямAll products are made in own premises in the Vladimir region.
The most modern technologies and composite materials of the best global manufacturers are used in production of the SHUPER water equipment.
Modern flexible production allows us to introduce promptly the latest developments and to materialise the most challenging and extraordinary ideas at a high quality level.
The highly strict requirements of operation safety on the Russian reservoirs are embodied in all SHUPER water equipment.

The «Company ASTER LLC» («SHUPER» trademark) is proud of its innovative ideas and developments in the field of development of small-size vessels and seems to be the one of leaders in this segment of the water motor equipment market.
Today the SHUPER water equipment is delivered and successfully operated in the most different regions of Russia and far beyond its boundaries!

Production of SHUPER motor catamarans, electric E-Motion boats and crafts.
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